Title of Works

Higurashi House

Organizer / Architect



Tokyo Kanto Region




Private House


1, It is an interior renovation of a 35-year-old condominium. The owner is a photographer couple. Both the husband and the wife were architects before, and they have been fascinated by the traditional African architectures. They designed, looked for the materials, and plastered the ceiling and the walls by themselves. We illuminated the Moroccan coal plastered ceiling and walls with soft indirect lights. The lamps and light fixtures were carefully selected focusing on maximizing the beautiful texture of the ceiling and the walls.

2, We illuminated the small Iranian glass plates embedded in the wall between the kitchen and the living room with a wall-recessed LED (L1200mm, 15W, 2700K). The illuminated glass plates create a pleasant rhythm on the plastered wall. The light switch is hidden behind the round wooden plate.

3,The indirect lighting in front of the shower booth door is also the only lighting in the washroom. We installed LEDs (L300-600mm, 4-8W, 2700K) on the wavy edge of the ceiling.

4,The indirect light enhances the warms of the plasterwork done by the owner.