Title of Works

WISH: Energy Efficient Housing

Organizer / Architect

Daikin Industries, Ltd.Kyocera Corporation, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.Sekisui House, Ltd., Toshiba Corporation


1995 IES/Award of Merit


Ibaraki Kanto Region




Private House


In Iwaki city, Fukushima Prefecture, a two-family residence is constructed with solar batteries built in the roof.

The batteries are capable of producing electricity up to 4,284W and are estimated to have 4,600kWh output a year. This amount corresponds to that of electricity an average household consume for television, lighting and other electrical appliances. The household sell the overflow power to the electricity companies, while at night they buy off-peak power in lower price. Through this plan, the designer used many LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) and EL (Electro-Luminescent) lamps, which were rarely used for ordinary interior lighting despite their long life and energy efficiency.

The entrance hall, shared by the two families' residences, features no more lighting than LEDs for the steps and spotlights for the fireplace so as to contrast the lighting in the yard. Each of the two rooms of the younger household has unique lighting, such as fiber optic cables glittering on the ceiling like stars, or EL lamps installed in the built-in furnitures which emit blue luminescence like deep water. The living room has an illuminator with green LEDs like jewels and halogen lamps which cast strong light at the table.

By introducing new lights into the ordinary life, now there is a living space where a family can share every second and spot and nonetheless pay regard to the every member's time and territory.