Title of Works

Jyozaiji Temple

Organizer / Architect

Suiundo, Kentaro Ataka, Iwaki


2016 IES / Award of Merit


Tokyo Kanto Region




Religious Facilities


This venerable temple built in the 16th century stands in a downtown residential area. Lightings were renovated in celebrating the completion of the new five-story pagoda. The owner's request was to emphasize its presence at night for increasing Buddhist memorial services starting from the evening responding to the needs of the people living in the urban area. Only the main hall’s roof can be seen from the nearby busy street. We highlighted this roof from the right and the left side with 2 narrow LED floodlights (Ra85, 70.5W, beam angle 15°, 3000k) set on 4.5m high poles. We determined the minimum height of the poles from lighting tests and located them near the trees so that they blend into the environment. 2 narrow LED floodlights (35.5W, beam angle 15°, 3000k) for the five-story pagoda next to the main hall are also set on the same 4.5m high poles. They illuminate the pagoda's roof and the metal pinnacle on its top. We lit up each underside of the pagoda's five roofs with LED buried lighting fixture (19.2W~12.0W, beam angle 120°, 2700K, dimmable.) We used the dimming function to adjust the strong and weak balance between the rooftop and the undersides illuminations. At night, the illuminated five-story pagoda in the cemetery erases the gloomy image of the community road that cuts through the cemetery.
The ossuary for the well-loved companion animals appears first when the visitors come out from the main hall. The ossuary’s inner wall is illuminated with LED wall washers (LED19.2W, beam angle 35°, 2700K, dimmable) for the visitors at night.
For the community road, we arranged a mixture of gold and champagne colored LED 3.0W illumination lamps on the low trees. We paid an extreme caution to avoid any glare to the surrounding residences. This walkway lighting is pleasant with the moderate illumination level in the residential area.