Title of Works

Maebashi City Illumination

Organizer / Architect




Maebashi Kanto Region




City-Planning, Cityscape


2015 NHK historical drama "Hana Moyu" broadcasted from January to December 2015 was a story about Fumi, wife of the first Gunma prefectural governor Motohiko Katori. Maebashi city, the prefectural capital of Gunma, held a special illumination event celebrating the broadcasting of this TV drama. 7 historical architectures including prefecture facilities and private buildings in the central city are illuminated to promote the charms of the city. Our challenge was to design a special illumination expressing “Hana Moyu (burning flower, passionate flower)” on a limited budget and short design period. As the results of experiments, we decided to add gradational pink light just like the background color of ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock prints) on the walls of Jomo Warehouse, Hirosegawa Museum, and Maebashi City Museum of Literature. We succeeded to create gorgeous flowers by adding soft pink illumination to only 3 buildings in the city.