Title of Works

Yebis View Tower

Organizer / Architect



Tokyo Kanto Region






It is a renovation work of a central courtyard of a 20-year old high-rise condominium in downtown area. Our tasks were to attract high-income families with a modern lighting design and to conserve energy by changing the inefficient lighting sources with LEDs.
The central courtyard used to be dark on cloudy days before the renovation; the bright entrance hall and the gloomy courtyard were entirely different spaces.
We designed a bright pleasant courtyard that forms one large continuous space with the entrance hall. We selected LED linear fixtures (23W, medium angle, 3000k) were selected and. tThe lighting fixtures are were mountedinstalled on the floor to avoid damaging the floor waterproof membrane and to save the expenses within the tight construction budget. We painted black the inner walls of the holes in which spotlights were installed before the renovation, and they became part of our new design. The power consumption became less than half.
The lighting onto the walls is reflected on the marble stone floor just like a water mirror. It doubles the brightness in the central courtyard. The sensitive shade and shadow on the ripply surfaces of the walls and the beautiful marble stone floor form a luxury atmosphere.