Title of Works

Nouvelle Akabanedai D Block

Organizer / Architect



Tokyo Kanto Region






It is a renovation project of a housing complex built in 1963. The renovation project began in 2006 and aims to inherit the lush greenery and its community with a history of 50 years. D block is the closest block to JR Akabane Station, so it is the most important block building that represents the whole housing complex. Currently 80% of the residents are the elderly people from original housing complex. However, the renovation plan targets at younger generation in the long term. Our lighting design theme is energy saving, safe, and a sense of warmth. And we have realized an advanced concept of a future housing complex by saving energy. Considering the early bedding life style of the elderly residents, and actively utilizing the characteristics of LED lamps, we modulated the LED lamps in the corridors in three steps: 70% (sunset to 20:00pm), 35%(20:00pm to midnight), and 20%(midnight to sunrise).