Title of Works

Kusatsu's Yubatake Park

Organizer / Architect

Zoo Design, Inc.


1996 IES/Award of Merit


Gunma Kanto Region




Public Parks, Public Square


Kusatsu Spa's Yubatake (hot water fields) are famous for the mists that boil forth from the hot spring. Yubatake Park, around which there are ryokan, drinking pubs, and souvenir stores, is quite animated during the day; however, at night, there are few people. Spotlighting the mists from the hot spring was tried before, but the park area, illuminated only by pole lighting, was rather bleak.

As a part of the park renovation project, we wanted to create lighting that could be enjoyed by nighttime strollers. While creating a surreal atmosphere by spotlighting the mists, a sense of intimacy is created by installing lights for benches, railings, and pergolas. By using warm colors for lighting, a relaxing atmosphere is created. In addition, at the end of the park in front of the hot waterfall, lighting for stone pillars, long unused, were restored, creating a new symbol for park.