Title of Works

St. Luke's International Hospital

Organizer / Architect




Tokyo Kanto Region




Hospital, Welfare Facilities


A gigantic, standardized hospital is just a maze for patients. Sometimes we lost the way and miss the doctor.

While planning illumination for St. Luke's International Hospital, the first priority is given to the point of making every place distinguishable by the space's shape and light that fills it. For example, the main corridor's ceiling has a special shape that tells where he or she is to a patient. The east-west corridor is featured with vault-shaped ceiling, while the elevator hall in the center has cross-vault ceiling. Indirect lighting tenderly makes the space bright.

Second priority is placed on the sufficient luminance in which even seniors can read books. At the lobby, 3000K incandescent-color fluorescent lamps and warm-color metal halide lamps are used to make warm atmosphere and achieve cost efficiency. In the outpatients' lobbies on the second and third floor, 70W warm-color metal halide lamps provide sufficient luminance. Considering patients carried on stretchers through hallways nearby, pinhole-type fixtures are selected to save glare from the lamps. The reception's walls are contrasted with fluorescent wall washers in order to put visual brightness and indicate where the reception is.

Calm and warm lights relieve patients of their anxiety. Arranged with the shape of space, the lighting became a sign of directions even seniors with difficulties in vision can easily understand.