Title of Works

yokohama Port Side

Organizer / Architect

Yokohama-shi, Housing & Development Corp.


1995 IES/Award of Merit


Kanagawa Kanto Region




City-Planning, Cityscape


Yokohama Port Side is a new town comprising offices, residential and commercial facilities. Since it was felt that light from private facilities has a greater influence on the lighting environment of the area, the administrative body proposed that the land owners form a cooperative body to study the buildings in their new town.

We succeeded in creating an attractive nighttime landscape and planning a total exterior lighting system, which harmonizes both public and private structures. In the four-hectare central zone, lighting was designed for the shopping arcade, the public square under the eaves of the shops, and the interior of the glass-walled building.

The specific characteristics of each light source and levels of luminance were all carefully studied as a part of the plan. On either side of the main road which runs through the center of the town, wall lamps were installed on building walls in addition to the pole lights. These wall lamps give pedestrians greater visibility and bring a liveliness to the shopping facilities.

Costs for maintenance and electricity are shared among the building owners, based on the mutual understanding that lighting is necessary to the maintenance of a safe and attractive town.